Birthdate: 8/13/1942

How long have you been playing music: A long time! I started playing drums at age 13. 

What do you love the most: My wife and family.

What do you hate the most: Hate is a big word. I try to not use it very much.  I do dislike things though like unconsiderate drivers. Like the ones in the fast lane who won't move over.   

Favorite movie: Fight Club and almost all superhero movies. 

Favorite dish: Indian food

Favorite restaurant:  I love food so pretty much anywhere with good, fresh and healthy foods. 

What are you known for outside of music and the band: Fitness and martial arts

What do you want to be when you grow up: Pretty sure that I'm always gonna be a musician. I might also possibly, maybe, eventually wanna become a physical therapist on the side. ;) 


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Invictus Entertainment Group.

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The Kinkead Entertainment Agency

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